Cross Country Season Starting Soon

Put some fun in your run

One of the easiest and most beneficial forms of exercise is to go for a run, jog or a walk, yet so many of us find exercise a struggle. At Victory Runners we encourage you to think about exercise differently. We want to help you put some Fun into your Run by offering you a safe, friendly and warm environment where everyone feels welcome and included whatever life stage you are at. Exercising alone is hard….share the load, join in and experience a new way to good health.

Enjoy a talk while you walk

Victory Runners Inc. has been established to offer fun, well organised leisure and recreational activities within the local Shoalhaven District. Victory is More than just a club for runners, we cater for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. Victory members can be walkers, joggers, plodders or sprinters, nature lovers or adventurists and everyone in between. Our goal is to promote good health and exercise by running and walking together.

Fun for the whole family

No age limits! We encourage families to join in the activities together at Victory Runners. In our busy day to day lives, family time can be hard to achieve. Victory Runners weekly events give the opportunity for friendly competition and motivation within family groups, work groups and between friends. Our well organised events will get you out and about exercising in a fun and challenging way.

Opportunities for all abilities

Victory Runners Inc. is affiliated with ANSW so our members have access to numerous State and Country events hosted by ANSW at various times throughout the year. Our main aim is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone interested in health and exercise. Our events will be fun and suitable for all levels of fitness from walkers to elite athletes. Whatever stage of health journey you are on, Victory Runners can meet you there.